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Maintenance agreement

Excelsior's IT maintenance is divided into two parts: maintenance for individuals (in the workshop and at home) and maintenance for Companies and Institutions/Other Entities (Managed Operations). Excelsior's particularity is above all the professionalism and honesty in the business process. Several teams of technicians dedicated to intervene quickly and efficiently.

Cyber Security

IT security is at the heart of our concerns. Today, IT security is a very important issue for individuals, companies and other institutions. The confidentiality and integrity of your data and the security of your IT infrastructures are essential. Excelsior supports you in this IT security audit process.

Data Backup

"The data, the gold of the 21st century"

Whether for individuals or companies, data is very important! Excelsior advises and supports you in your backup strategies for all types of data. In the event of a disaster, Excelsior guarantees you 99.99% to recover your data and continue as if nothing had happened.

So, what about our mindset?

Offer joy!

Oh, yes! Excelsior's spirit is to offer accessibility to professional repairs to individuals. Our technicians will offer you the best services you can imagine, satisfaction guaranteed. At last! No more "Bata"!

Timeliness & Feedback

The Excelsior team is young, dynamic and above all very innovative. Troubleshooting and outsourcing for Companies/Institutions are managed quickly and intelligently in order to highlight prevention on future media. A multitude of solutions will be offered to make you feel most at ease with computer failures.

DIY Spirit

What's the deal? Excelsior advocates the beautiful philosophy of "Do It Yourself". Individuals as well as companies/institutions, Excelsior advises you and helps you to effectively manage your technological environment (your devices, data protection, tips and other...) Learning by yourself how everything works will be your best asset to make decisions in relation to your digital environment.

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Contact our support service. We will answer you as soon as possible. Assistance can be provided remotely under certain conditions.... Want to know more?

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